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16 September: Media Release – NFP Welcomes International Jurists Comments on Fiji Detainment

The NFP President, Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo today welcomed the support of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) for the rule of law in Fiji in stating that Fiji is in breach of its international obligations with the weekend detainment of NFP Party Leader, Hon Prof Biman Prasad, Attar Singh and key opposition leaders.

Ms Draunidalo welcomed the comments of the ICJ stating that this is in keeping with comments and statements that she has made consistently that draconian decrees, laws and parts of the Constitution are not in keeping with international democratic standards and should be abolished.

“They have no place at all in Fiji if we are to be called a modern and genuine democracy.”

“What we have is one or two people’s version of the utopia that they currently enjoy in Fiji – one which they want all of us to believe is genuine and true democracy, and that we should even thank them for that.”

Ms Draunidalo also welcomed the conscious decision of the Green Party in New Zealand to bring the detainment to the floor and support of the NZ Parliament and the support of others in the international community.

“We of course are working very hard on the domestic front to keep the Fiji First Bainimarama Government accountable and have due respect for our basic human rights and freedom.”

“Unfortunately, their 8 years in power before the 2014 elections makes their old and poor habits difficult to change overnight – but we will work at it” Ms Draunidalo assured. Tupou Draunidalo President

• Sam Zarifi, the Asia Pacific Regional Director of the ICJ says the arrests are in breach of Fiji’s international obligations.


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