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26 July 2016: Fiji Village – We are not spreading misinformation about sugar cane industry bil

Audio transcript

“NFP Leader, Hon Prof Biman Prasad: Government should allocate $50 million dollars a year for the next 3 years.

Out of that $50 million, roughly about $30 million ought to be used to guarantee a minimum price of not less than $90 per tonne.

The other $20 million should go into cane development which could include aspects of cane harvesting through machines, premium for landowners and getting new canefarmers into the industry including the landowners.

Instead of talking about how to rescue the industry with some sensible suggestions and actual policies, the government is hellbent on taking over the industry including the sugar cane growers council, the FSC, the research institute and the sugar cane growers fund!”

Listen/Read here.



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