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29 January 2016: Blog by NFP President, Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo

I am sharing this picture and text about, an Order for the rectification of errors in the Companies Law 2015 because you are direct and indirect taxpayers to the government of Fiji – with a right to know about how your money is used.

That Companies law was rushed through in the House by government members last year.

The Order for rectification which is gazetted and that we were given this week – referred to about three hundred (300+) errors in the legislation.

And that is what has been discovered so far, the third week only of the act’s operation.

Three hundred plus, errors.

The method of correction without parliamentary participation (Ref. 2013 Constitution) is questionable.

Further, the stated method of correction is only for typographical errors and the like – not for changing the law in any substantive way.

I suspect the government is keen to avoid bringing the required amendments back to the House – to avoid embarrassment – and in the process, prove the Opposition correct once again.

The records will show that the Opposition was at pains to advise the government that for the sake of good governance – it should not rush laws through the House.

Three hundred errors later, Fiji taxpayers will pay for the rectification process and any associated litigation on top of the privilege of having a parliament that only sits for 20 working days this year on a full salary – so that we may rush through more legislation that is bound to show up more errors.

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