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A failure of leadership: Leadership is not about ordering people around

Friday 9th July 2021

Passing a law to force people to be vaccinated shows the Fiji First Government’s failure of political leadership.

NFP supports vaccination. We want people to be protected from the coronavirus. We know that the science supports vaccination.

But real leaders show people respect to those who think differently from them. We must get people vaccinated by reason and persuasion. We cannot get there by threatening people and ordering them around.

The more the government tries to control people, the more they will resist. And the more they will distrust the government. This is already a problem.

We know that already many people refuse to listen to the Government, even for their own health, because it is the Fiji First party that is telling them to.

In other democratic countries people will listen to a government they did not vote for. This is because even if they do not like the government, they still trust it to do the right thing.

That is what Fiji has lost. And it is the failed leadership of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum that has brought us to this.

Throughout this whole crisis, they have refused to take responsibility. They have blamed everyone else for their failures. These are the signs of weak, frightened leaders.

We will leave it to the legal experts to point out the problems with discrimination and human rights. The law on these things is important because it is part of our democracy. Democracy is about ensuring that everybody in our society is respected, even if they do not agree with us.

Everybody knows that the Fiji First Party will crash out of power in the next elections. But as they go down, they are determined to take the whole country down with them.


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