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Fiji First Government’s neglect has led to the Termite Invasion

Neglect by the Fiji First Government has caused millions of dollars of damage and destruction to homes in Lautoka since the invasion by the Asian Subterranean Termite (AST) 10 year ago, said National Federation Party proposed candidate Sashi Kiran.

Ms Kiran said she has received reports of termite infestation in homes in Ba, Nadi and even on Vanua Levu.

“Unseen until it is too late, termites slowly eat away at timber inside the houses, weakening the infrastructure leaving families little option to find resources to rebuild”.

“We have heard of many stories where families have had to use up all their savings to rebuild their homes, only for them to be infested again. Many schools and businesses are also impacted”.

Ms Kiran said homeowners on Denarau and city areas who can afford it are able to engage private pest management companies.

“But the overwhelming majority of home owners cannot afford this. They must rely on the under-resourced Bio Security of Fiji. When people complain to BAF it takes months for BAF to turn up to inspect the damage and months more to take any action to deal with it.

“This has been an on-going crisis for more than a decade. The current Government has failed to address the issue or provide any subsidy or support for those impacted. Many families have relied on their relatives and remittances to help rebuild as there is no support for those struggling”.

“Families are crying out as they see their homes collapse before their eyes. Those who cannot afford to rebuild live with worm like larvae falling through their roofs and walls as they eat and sleep, resigned to their fate”.

“There are solutions that has been embraced by many neighbouring countries we can learn from, there need to be stringent timber treatment programmes and more resources made available for treating infested homes and other buildings”.

“Nothing is done because the government sits in Suva and ignores it. It is not important to them.

“For action to be taken we need local government that will listen to the needs of the people. That means an elected city council. We need a clear transparent plan to deal with the problem, to help people rebuild their homes and to eradicate these termites.”

Sashi Kiran NFP Provisional Candidate


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