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Government ready to sacrifice USP

July 25, 2022

The cruel and heartless Fiji First Government is ready to sacrifice University of the South Pacific for its own selfish and egotistical purposes by withholding almost $80 million in grants.

Everybody knows who is right and who is wrong in the USP saga. There have been many inquiries and reviews. And each time it is the University that has been proved right and the Fiji First Government that has been proved wrong.

The Fiji First Government has deported the Vice-Chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia. It has withheld $80 million in grants and destroyed the university’s finances. It has threatened the education of Fiji’s own USP students. But it will never admit it is wrong.

Education is the key to Fiji’s prosperity. And USP is not only Fiji’s but the entire South Pacific’s peak educational institution.

I am a product of USP and a long-term USP staff member. No institution is closer to my heart than USP and no institution is more important to Fiji. In fact all tertiary education institutions are important and deserve respect and support by government.

Every member of the USP community – staff, students, parents, alumni and sponsors – should remember, during this coming election, the damage that the Fiji First Government has done to USP.

My personal pledge is that when NFP is in government, Fiji will return to being a sound and reliable member and friend of USP which honours its promises.

We will work with the USP Council and regional governments to put right the damage that the Fiji First Government has done. We want USP to succeed.

Because only with USP can Fiji succeed.

Professor Biman Prasad Leader

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