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NFP Leader: Nobody is above the Party- Hiroshi Taniguchi’s Proposed Candidacy Revoked

15 September 2022

The National Federation Party has today rescinded the proposed candidacy of Hiroshi Taniguchi for publishing on his personal website statements that have never been policies of the Party since its inception 59 years ago.

The NFP’s directive to all proposed candidates was for them not to publish, print or make any statements on any policy matters that violate the NFP’s Constitution, principles and its vision statement for the forthcoming elections.

Despite the directive, Taniguchi went ahead and talked about civil service, land management, taxation and other policy areas.

Following the publication of the contents of his website on Tuesday by The Fiji Sun, both the Party President, who is the Chair of the Management Board and I, contacted Taniguchi to seek an explanation. In doing so, we started a process that eventually led to him being informed on Wednesday evening that he would no longer be a Proposed Candidate.

A letter by the President informing Taniguchi of the decision was conveyed to him this morning.

All of the 33 proposed candidates announced on 12th August, including those yet to be announced soon, were thoroughly briefed on all policy matters, electoral laws and the party’s vision statement for the forthcoming elections.

And all of them were clearly told the meaning of their status as Proposed Candidates, with the party leadership emphasising that this didn’t guarantee their endorsement as provisional candidates, which they only become when their nominations are filed with the Supervisor of Elections during the nomination period.

This makes it absolutely vital for all proposed candidates to strictly adhere to the party’s policy matters, vision and electoral laws.

Hiroshi Taniguchi chose to do otherwise. He chose to advocate policies that never was, is or will ever be, espoused by NFP.

And it has swiftly resulted in the termination of his proposed candidacy.

Nobody is above the Party.

Professor Biman Prasad Leader

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