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Response to the Prime Minister ‘s comments against NFP made at the commissioning of the MLC Veivueti

The fact that the Honourable Prime Minister can use a taxpayers funded event to stoop to gutter-level and launch vitriolic attacks at the National Federation Party and its Leader sums up his political morality, character and credibility.

He reads whatever  is given to him by his spin doctors, Qorvis mercernaries led by Australian’s, and American’s who from the safety of their vantage point evade the public ridicule and scorn levelled at their client, while they get paid from the public coffers.

This is sign of desperate despair from a government and its leader to remain in power on the face of rising tide of change. The haphazard implementation of the CARE for Fiji program that has lost its objective of providing rehabilitation for flood victim, is another sign of a government gone berserk.

The Prime Minister may have been a good captain of a navy boat during his career in the Fiji navy, but he is least qualified to be at the helm of the nation. He has been leading  both  a rudderless regime and the Fiji First government since December 2006 with grandiose words that keeps changing when their objectives cannot be achieved.

He has been steering a ship full of fat cats and cronies  resulting in the widening gap between the rich and the poor. And we will be showing evidence of this in Parliament during the Budget session.

Flat-out lies that the PM accuses us of preaching has in fact been the hallmark of the Bainimarama regime and Fiji First government. A clear  example of this has been the re-imposition of VAT on 7 basic food items and prescription medicine by this Government from 1st January 2016 when Fiji First through its 2014 election manifesto promised to keep these items VAT free. This is an example of strangulating our poor and ordinary citizens.

The NFP is a 55 year old political party with unshakeable foundations and is an impregnable principled fortress. All our leaders have and are giants of their time in their ability, understanding and perception of the problems facing Fiji.

NFP’s founder leader Ambalal Dahyabhai Patel (A D Patel) who said in 1964: “It is easy to be a ranting politician. It is difficult to be a statesman. A statesman has got to  look at the next generation. A politician usually looks to the next election”.

Therefore, the Prime Minister should stick to his policy of election campaign being a battle of ideas instead of mudslinging.

Professor Biman Prasad


June 1, 2018


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