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Set up Education Commission to address issues affecting the Education system: NFP Leader

Reddy reveals plans while Prasad says it is not enough By Nirupa Siwan. Fiji Village. Tuesday 31/05/2016

Close to 82 percent of the secondary schools are having afternoon classes to improve the performance of students.

Minister for Education, Dr Mahendra Reddy revealed this in Parliament today.

Doctor Reddy said approximately 50 percent of the schools are having Saturday classes while 25 percent of the schools are ready for evening and night classes.

He also revealed that teachers are now using digital technology and full learning methods to ensure time saving and better delivery.

Doctor Reddy stressed that to improve the national literacy among the primary school students, year 1 and 2 students have now started with General Studies.

The Minister added that they are compiling the past years material for students so that they can improve their performance in the external examinations.

He said these materials will be distributed soon.

Doctor Reddy also said that to improve the performance of teachers and students, 1,805 teachers and 30,094 students in various schools of Fiji have undergone Psychological Support Management.

Meanwhile, National Federation Party parliamentarian, Professor Biman Prasad said they do not want to hear about the quantity of work the Ministry is doing but they want to know about the quality of work is done by the Ministry.

Professor Prasad said an Education Commission should be set up to address issues affecting the education system in the country.

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