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Statement by Mr Romanu Tikotikoca on allegations reported by the Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting Cor

From Sunday February 11 2018 to date, two media outlets namely the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and the Fiji Sun have been prominently reporting allegations that during my tenure as Fiji’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, I purportedly raped a maid working at the High Commissioner’s residence.

I absolutely and categorically deny the allegation, which is a complete fabrication and lie.  It is a despicable attempt to defame my character and bring ridicule and contempt to my family and I.

Therefore, I will pursue legal action against both the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and the Fiji Sun.

I have today also deemed it proper to withdraw my provisional candidacy of the National Federation Party as I proceed to clear my name. This is a matter of integrity purely for me and my family and not of NFP.

May God bless Fiji.

Romanu Tikotikoca

25 Jale Street

Kalabu Housing


Ph: 3393365

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