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Statement on the Sri Lanka attacks

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Monday 22nd April 2019

The National Federation Party is deeply shocked and saddened by the deaths of Christian worshippers in Sri Lankan Churches and guests at 3 hotels in the massacre carried out on Easter Sunday.

We feel the pain and suffering of those who lost their loved ones or were injured in this barbaric act of terror. Their loss is immeasurable and irreplaceable.

We believe this is 3rd most serious terror attack after 9/11 in September 2001 in terms of loss of life.

Like the recent incident in Christchurch New Zealand, the worshippers were praying and marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To be so mercilessly killed by an act of terror on a day that that is synonymous with triumph of truth over violence and terror is incomprehensible.

This act has shattered the peace of Sri Lanka, which itself almost 10 years ago, came out of an war of many years that was laced with ethnic violence.

Fiji has had close ties with Sri Lanka for many decades. Our judiciary and magistracy have many Sri Lankan nationals serving as judges and magistrates and they are also synonymous with the corporate and private sectors.

We convey our heartfelt condolences to the affected families and hope and pray the families of the victims find comfort and solace in their hour of grief.

Authorised by:-

Professor Biman Prasad

NFP Leader


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