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Sugar Bills could further impair industry

Fiji One News (Monday 11 July, 2016)

The National Federation Party says it would be fool hardy for Government to insist on taking the sugar industry bills to Parliament.

The Sugar Cane Industry Bill and the Sugarcane Growers Fund Amendment Bill, the Party says are being widely rejected by cane farmers.

After two consultations, farmers had asked for the Bills to be translated into i-taukei and Hindi.

“And they’re about Government’s plan to take control of the industry, including their own organisations like the Growers Council, Sugarcane Growers Fund and the rest of it, so what Government is trying to do through those two Bills will spell the death of the industry.”

Dr. Biman says farmers want control of the industry with a 38 member council to be reinstated.

“And its very important that they have an organisation where they are able to runt hat organisation, where they share the concerns, where they meet together, where they can share knowledge and experience and make presentations to Government and FSC on matters that affect them. Now the Sugar Cane Growers Council is controlled by Government, Government has taken the Sugar Cane Growers Fund so farmers have no control. It’s like we’ve gone back to the CSR days – where everything was controlled by CSR, farmers had no say.”


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