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A pre-election bribery budget

The National Federation Party has described the 2018-19 Budget as a desperate attempt to bribe Fiji’s voters into voting the current Fiji First Government back into power during the general elections.

Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad said it is perfectly understandable why government has announced a budget full of goodies in its final year when it did nothing for the last three years.

“This government is responsible for strangulating our people with high cost of living, a deteriorating public health and medical service, cosmetic  road works, ruined  our sugar industry, implementation of a meagre minimum wage on the face of approving for themselves an exorbitant  salary and allowance scale,  re-imposed VAT on basic food items and put our civil servants on contracted employment”.

“Now its coming out with policies and initiatives that it desperately hopes will convince voters into re-electing them”.

“Our people are smart enough to differentiate real, practical solutions to bring lasting improvement to their livelihood from the cosmetic solutions”.

“We will scrutinize in detail this budget and reveal to the people of Fiji its fallacies during the debate on the budget from July 9-13”.


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