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July 30, 2015 – Media Release: NFP Convention to scrutinise national issues

The deteriorating state of the public health system, controversial changes enforced by the Ministry of Education, the ailing sugar industry and governance issues will be intensely scrutinised by delegates at the Convention and Annual General Meeting of the National Federation Party this Saturday (August 1st).

The media has been highlighting issues raised by the public concerning shortage of medicine, lack of decent health care, wrong diagnosis of illness and prescription of wrong medication and vaccination. The inoperation of technical equipment such as frequent breakdown of the MRI machine and long waiting hours are problems that have been seemingly ignored.

The Education Ministry’s decision to enforce reforms and ignoring the adverse implications of such reforms has frustrated teachers, parents and students.

The Fiji First Government’s lip service to the sugar industry, inaction by stakeholders to resolve major problems plaguing the industry and milling inefficiencies are causing losses and further eroding confidence of cane growers, putting the future of the industry in jeopardy, is a national concern.

Fiji returned to parliamentary democracy in October last year following general elections after almost 8 years of military rule. The issue of whether we have really transited from military rule to parliamentary democracy will be the subject of vigorous discussion and debate amongst delegates.

The Convention and AGM gets underway at 11am at Tamavua Primary School (junction of Princes Road and Lakha Singh Road).

Prof Biman Prasad Leader

@ATT: Editors/News Directors: You are invited to send representatives to cover the Convention from 11am to 12.30pm.


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