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02 April 2015: Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa confirms that Suva Lawyer Richard Naidu is her nomi

Statement [49/4/2015] April 2, 2015

In a statement issued today, Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa confirmed that she has nominated prominent lawyer Richard Naidu as her nominee to the Constitutional Services Commission.

Ro Teimumu said she was delighted that Mr. Naidu had accepted her invitation to serve on the commission in accordance with the provisions of Sec 132 of the Constitution. She looked forward to working with Mr Naidu as Opposition nominee on the Commission.

Ro Teimumu said she had submitted Mr. Naidu’s name to the Solicitor General in January and was awaiting confirmation of his appointment by the President.

The Opposition Leader said she has had to follow up with the Solicitor General for a response. She called on Government to quickly confirm its nominees so that the Commission can start work.

Mr. Naidu is one of Fiji’s most respected legal practitioners and is well known here and abroad as a fearless advocate for justice and the rule of law. He has himself been a victim of abuse at the hands of those who overthrew a legal government.

Ro Teimumu said during this time of transition from dictatorship to democracy, it was crucial for key positions such as those on the Constitutional Offices Commission to be occupied by citizens who are patriotic defenders of democracy. This would help ensure that the Government of the day is held to account for its decisions on the high public appointments that the Commission is mandated to make.

Authorized by:

Ro Teimumu V Kepa Leader of the Opposition


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