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05 November 2015: Fiji Times – PSC job cuts

Your taxes will be used to create added unemployment in this reform of the whole public service sector. Note that this number is for PSC alone at this stage.

“A REVIEW of the Public Service Commission is expected to affect at least 120 workers, who may have to look for jobs elsewhere.”

Read more here, or even better buy the paper.

PSC job cuts Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari Thursday, November 05, 2015 A REVIEW of the Public Service Commission is expected to affect at least 120 workers, who may have to look for jobs elsewhere. Some workers have confirmed receiving letters last week on the decision by Government. The Fiji Public Service Association said it was also informed of the restructure and review through a letter from the PSC Permanent Secretary, Parmesh Chand, on October 29. FPSA general secretary, Rajeshwar Singh said the letter explained the review. He said the Government had determined the PSC functions were not required and did not meet the provisions of the Constitution. Instead, a new Ministry of Civil Service, with different functions specifically tailored to supporting devolution would be created from January 1 next year. Mr Singh said the letter also stated the Government’s intention to maintain employment where possible including the possibility of transferring some functions to other ministries. For these functions, staff members will transfer with their positions. A Transition Unit is also being established in the new Ministry of Civil Service to manage the transition of functions and staff members. Staff members not transferred with their current functions to another ministry will move to the unit from January 1, 2016. Staff members whose contracts end during 2016 will remain in the Transition Unit until the end of their contracts or when they secure a job in another ministry. Those whose contracts end after December 2016 have been advised their contracts would be cancelled with effect from February 29, 2016 if they had not secured employment by then. It is understood that all ministries were asked to compile a list of vacancies suitable for the PSC staff members.

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