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18 November 2015: Press Release – Hon Prem Singh — Education Minister Misleading of Fiji

Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy is misleading the people of Fiji over the Ministry’s debacle involving the results of Year 6 Intermediate Examinations.

Having released a report last week which was a assessment of the results Mr Reddy know claims the results were provisional and were sent to schools for checking before finalisation. He further said many students had not correctly stated their Index Numbers.

This is absolute rubbish. I raised this matter in Parliament on Tuesday after the NFP received calls from concerned parents and school management regarding how the Ministry was handling the results. The result has not been released to students.

However, we have established that until last night students have been able to log in onto the Ministry’s website the see the provisional results, as well as that of other students. If the results are provisional, why are they online? Why release an assessment report last week?

Mr Reddy is fooling no one. He is getting deeper into the quagmire. The circular issued to al Primary Schools is abundantly clear. The results are a mess. To term it provisional is only a cover-up. Mr Reddy should understand that this is not general election voting results that are released provisionally.

This is an external exam. At no time in our education history has there been a release of “provisional” results.

Mr Reddy’s instructions conveyed by his Officers in a circular to all primary schools order schools to use internal assessment results for annual prize-giving.

Two circulars were issued. In the first one, one S Waqabaca from the Examination and Assessment Unit says the results are being withdrawn and the Unit will assume a full review of the result before release.

The people of Fiji are entitled to know why A-grade students have received zero marks in some subjects. And what was the marking procedure? Were the papers marked manually as was the case previously or parts of it electronically?

This whole episode is causing psychological trauma to parents and students. Mr Reddy and the Education Ministry are responsible for this.

If the bungling of Year 6 Examination is a yardstick, then external examination results for Year 10, 12, and 13 will be a nightmare. Mr Reddy must be honest and reveal the truth about this debacle because he has caused enough mental anguish.

We attach the circular sent to all schools. Prem Singh NFP Whip Ph: 9928825

MoE Circular 1


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