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The President of the National Federation Party Roko Tupou Draunidalo this evening (Sep 19) condemned the changes in the Bainimarama Cabinet Reshuffle saying that the Gazette of the assignments, which came out four days later, confirms the deception that’s at play.

Ms Draunidalo outlined that contrary to the Prime Minister’s announcement a few days earlier (Sep 9), that the Immigration portolio is with Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, the Gazette of Ministerial Assignments of September 14 has confirmed that Immigration falls under the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

She added that this deceit and underhand movements with the reshuffle speaks volumes of the method of governance by the Fiji First Bainimarama Government.

“Now why should every Fijian be concerned with this?” Ms Draunidalo added.

“For the simple fact, that your Prime Minister told you in an announcement to the nation that this was going to another minister – and then without as much as a squeak in fact, changes his mind and silently includes that in his list of responsibilities, a few days later.”

“And then not a week into his new responsibilities as Immigration Minister, the deportation of two expatriate experts occur.”

“Now why may we ask that the Head of Government resorts to this?

“Is there something that we are missing that is so important that he wishes immigration to be in his care that he doesn’t hand this over – as he announced to the nation to Ratu Inoke Kubuabola?”

“And where is the Attorney-General in all this? He is the PM’s Chief Legal Advisor and responsible for having all the assignments gazetted and consistent with the PM’s announcement.”

Ms Draunidalo said that the deportation of the two expatriate MWH employees just a few days after Bainimarama took over the Immigration portfolio is chilling and would scare off genuine, potential investors as well as the current ones, and shows the incompetency of the PM in handling this important portfolio.

“It’s obvious that this will be the modus operandi of the new Foreign Minister as well as Immigration Minister and PM – something we hoped was over after the 8 years of his dictatorship.”

“The Prime Minister needs to be transparent and accountable on this deportation and the reshuffle to the people of Fiji who elected him and are paying for his generous salary and benefits.”

Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo President


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