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30 October 2015: Media Release – Keep Fiji Borders Secure

The National Federation Party is extremely concerned by recent media reports that known internationally wanted criminals conducted their criminal activities within Fijian territorial sovereignty. More serious is the alleged fact that this happened without the knowledge of, or official condemnation from the relevant ministry of defence officials.

“If the media reports are true it is alarming that the disciplined forces especially the military which loudly asserts its special place in the defence of the nation could not even detect or prevent such basic and minute threats to national security” said NFP President, Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo.

“It leaves us with the impression that we have a porous border, open to all and sundry and thus very insecure.” added Draunidalo who is also the Opposition Spokesperson for Immigration, National Security and Defence.

Hon Draunidalo added that this incompetence is unacceptable in light of the hundreds of millions diverted from other government budgetary priorities like hospitals and schools, for the benefit of our defence and national security authorities.

Draunidalo adds “With respect, such threats if left unattended and neglected will encourage far more dangerous elements to come into our borders. And those elements are the real threats to our national security – they threaten our natural resources, economy and our people.”

“Unfortunately, our national defence forces have been too obsessed lately with the wishful thinking of unarmed civilians and their differences in political opinion with the state, and I look forward to the tabling of the 2016 Budget on 06 November to assess whether the trend of increased military expenditure will continue, and make further assessments then,” states Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo.

The National Federation Party strongly urges the disciplined forces in charge of manning Fiji’s borders to please stick to the basics and not sleep on the job.

ENDS Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo National Federation Party President Opposition Spokesperson for Immigration, National Security and Defence


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