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A time for hope and salvation: NFP Leader

The National Federation Party sincerely hopes that the significance of Christmas prevails upon all the people of Fiji, particularly those at the helm of our nation.

“Christmas is the Season for Hope, Salvation, Peace and Goodwill among Mankind. Among Christians and non-Christians alike who all celebrate it. It is a time of reflection, it is a time for family and also a time of thanksgiving to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and all that he embodies”. NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad said.

Professor Prasad said unity and togetherness can only be achieved if our Leaders adhere to the spirit of Christmas. “Unity, peace and togetherness cannot be achieved if our Leaders ignore the mandate that people gave them. Because in a democracy, mandate means listening to the people and alleviating their problems, not riding roughshod over them”.

“It is extremely important to adhere to this principle – Leadership is about averting disaster, not creating conditions in which it thrives”.

Professor Prasad said Government’s handling of the ATS (Air Terminal Services) impasse where workers who are 49% shareholders of company, resulting in them being locked out by the ATS management and fully supported by Government, is an example of imposition that hardened attitudes.

“The impasse was exacerbated because two Ministers of Government, the ATS Board Chair and ATS Management ignored their mandate and were hell-bent on imposing their will upon the workers who are shareholders. It has been a case of My Way or the Highway”.

Professor Prasad said impositions harden attitudes and cause irreparable damage in the long term.

“The NFP hopes that Government has learnt valuable lessons from the ATS impasse, in the spirit of Christmas reflect on its actions, enlighten themselves, and forge a new path of harmonious relations with the workers and the overwhelming majority of the people of Fiji who have clearly supported the just and fair struggle of the ATS workers and 49% shareholders”.

“We wish the people of Fiji a blessed and merry Christmas”.

Authorised by:

Professor Biman Prasad

NFP Leader


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