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Allegations of torture raised by Hon. Tupou Draunidalo: – basis on which Parliamentary Committ


Republic of Fiji

December 7, 2015

Colonel Netani Rika

The Chairman

Parliamentary Standing Committee

Defence & Foreign Affairs

Government Buildings


Dear Sir

Continuing allegations of torture and unlawful detention by security forces personnel

I am very concerned to read and hear of these allegations in the foreign media. Please find the latest complaint by a lawyer, Mr. Aman Ravindra Singh at the following internet link:

In addition, the abrupt departure of the former Commissioner of Police and his swift replacement by a military officer who also stands accused of having tortured civilians after the 2006 coup (Lt. Colonel Qiliho) – leaves much to be desired with regard to the issue of ‘separation of powers’ under the 2013 Constitution.

That was done not long after the equally swift and unsatisfactorily explained departure of the former commander of the military forces.

These matters are central to our committee’s oversight functions, duties and powers.

I therefore request that you call our committee to meet as soon as possible to look into these matters.

Such exercise will also go a long way to showing and encouraging ‘parliamentary transparency, good governance and constitutionalism’ – to the relevant institutions and the tax paying public.

I have copied this letter to the relevant offices and look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Hon Roko Tupou Draunidalo

Member – Defence & Foreign Affairs

Parliamentary Standing Committee

Encl: RNZI News Transcript

cc. 1. The Speaker of the Parliament of Fiji

2. The Office of the Prime Minister

3. The Attorney General’s Chambers

4. The Acting Commissioner of Fiji Police Force

5. The Acting Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces

6. The Secretary General, United Nations (Peacekeeping)


Level 2, Government Buildings, SUVA

Tel: (679) 322 5657


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