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An arrogant, out of touch government

June 17, 2022

The Prime Minister now thinks he is the Emperor of Fiji. And some of his officials also seem

to believe it.

He reportedly told the people of Naitasiri “I did all these developments in Naitasiri”.

The Government, using the people’s money, did those developments – just like every other

government of Fiji before the Fiji First Government. The people of Naitasiri also worked to

achieve them.

Yet the Prime Minister tries to claim all the credit for himself.

Now Fiji Pine Limited says that it can only pay bonuses to landowners after it consults with

the Prime Minister.

Why is this, if Fiji Pine Limited is its own company with its own money?

This is the state of Fiji now – where the Prime Minister thinks that he alone is the

Government and everybody else will do nothing without his say-so.

This is not how a well-governed country runs. In a democratic country everybody has a role

to play and everybody does their part.

In a well-governed country the Prime Minister doesn’t boast about doing developments –

he knows that many people have worked together to achieve them and he shares the


We are sick and tired of an arrogant, out of touch government that thinks that only its

leaders do anything and all other people are nothing.

And this is why this Government has to go at the next election.

Professor Biman Prasad



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