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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Dear People of Fiji

Today is an extraordinary day. I am pleased, excited and honoured to announce to Fiji our final 2018 election candidates for NFP.

These are not ordinary people. No one in our team is. They are ready, willing and able to serve you. They have been provisional candidates for a while. Now we will nominate them as candidates to the Fijian Elections Office.

On 2nd February 2018, while announcing our first batch of provisional candidates I said and I quote; –

“We have had 12 years of two-man government which has become increasingly controlling and restrictive. We have a government that works through threats and intimidation, free handouts and propaganda – all of which is paid for by our taxes. This is not democracy. It is dictatorship. It is long past the time for things to return to normal.  We need to be able to express ourselves freely, not be fearful and to all be able to participate in the governance of Fiji.

It is time for us to return to real team leadership in government– for you to have a group of people with skills and real-life experience who will serve you.  We will not be hiding behind security guards and driving in motorcades. We will not be paying ourselves thousands of dollars in travel allowances. We have already committed to cut the pay and allowances of government ministers by 25% until a proper exercise is done to work out fair and reasonable remuneration”. Unquote

What I said 8 months ago was once again displayed in public by the Prime Minister and Leader of Fiji First – spewing what can only be described as gutter-level venomous garbage. We will not stoop to his level and that of some of his Ministers who have been campaigning along the  similar lines.

Our campaign is a battle of ideas. We put those ideas to you 14 months ago. Those ideas have been formulated into policies after extensive Talanoa sessions throughout the country.

We have announced policies  that cannot be matched or copied by other parties. We have seen a copy-cat government at work while handed down the Budget in July. But they  couldn’t even copy properly when it cam to policies on  minimum guaranteed price for sugar, free medicine ad kidney dialysis.

We have thoroughly scrutinised  all provisional candidates that we announced since February. Some have withdrawn for personal reasons and other commitments. However, they remain loyal members of NFP.

Change is a fact of life. Today I will announce the final 9 names who complete our list of 51 candidates  and be responsible to effect this Change. They are: –

1. Anendra Prasad

Mr Prasad is a businessman, community and social worker.  He is a former Suva City Councillor. Until last week, he was an stalwart of the Fiji Labour Party. He decided to resign from Labour and join NFP. He has fulfilled the criteria of our selection process.

Throughout his more than two decades of loyalty to the FLP, Mr Prasad never had any malice towards anyone in the NFP. His  passion for social and community work   is remarkable. He is well known in the informal settlements in Suva and Nasinu for always coming to their assistance in their hour of need.

Mr Prasad firmly believes that the NFP is the only party that can bring about the Change because  it is a party of principles.

2. Rajneesh Lata Charan

Mrs Charan  has 28 years of FSC work experience; most recently at senior management level; is a farmer herself, and is the daughter of a cane farmer plus a shareholder in FSC.

She has extensive experience about the operations of FSC and the sugar industry generally.

3. Osea Umuumulovo

Mr Umuumulovo is currently the coach of Lautoka Rugby team. He is a former lecturer in IT at the Fiji National University.

4. Dr Sunil Kumar

Dr Kumar is no stranger to politics and NFP. He has been with the NFP since 1994. He is a senior lecturer in economics at the University of the South Pacific.

5. Charan Jeath Singh

Mr Singh was an NFP Member of Parliament from 1994 to 1999. He is a prominent businessman of Labasa.

6. Semi Titoko

Mr Titoko is a Vice President of the NFP and a lawyer by profession. He is well known by people of all works of life in Rakiraki.

7. Amol Kumar

Mr Kumar resigned from the Land Transport Authority to contest the elections under the  NFP banner. He is well known for his social work as a member of group known as Grogmasters on social media.

8. Pasepa Rosarine Lagi also known as Rosie Lagi

Rosie Lagi is a lawyer. She  is the legal advisor to the Council of Rotuma.  She has served on several boards such as Consumer Council, Transparency International, PCN, to name a few.

10. Professor Biman Prasad

This completes the list of our final 51 candidates: –

The full list is as follows: –


  1. Ajay Kumar

  2. Aman Nath

  3. Ansu Lata

  4. Apenisa Vatuniveivuke

  5. Bal Subramani – Bala Dass

  6. Davendra Naidu

  7. Diana Tagivakatini

  8. Feroz Gulam Mohammed

  9. Herbert Pickering

  10. Jiosefa Gavidi

  11. Kavai Vunidogo

  12. Kiniviliame Salabogi

  13. Lenora Qereqeretabua

  14. Leslie Tikotikoca

  15. Manav Ram

  16. Manasa Baravilala

  17. Michael Brown

  18. Narendra Reddy

  19. Parmod Chand

  20. Pio Tikoduadua

  21. Pradeep Chandra

  22. Prem Singh

  23. Priyanka Ram

  24. Pushp Dass

  25. Raj Kumar Rattan

  26. Rajan Sami

  27. (Dr) Richard Wah

  28. Riddhi Damodar

  29. Samuela Naicegucegu

  30. Sandhya Bajpai

  31. Satya Shandil

  32. Shalendra Raj

  33. Shanal Sivan

  34. Sila Balawa

  35. Tuinadave Radogo a.k.a Tui Kabu

  36. Veniana Salabogi

  37. Waisele Kanavo

  38. William Lee

  39. Attar Singh

  40. Osea Umuumulovo

  41. Semi Titoko

  42. Dr Sunil Kumar

  43. Charan Jeath Singh

  44. Rosi Lagi

  45. (Prof) Biman Prasad

  46. Amol Kumar

  47. Anendra Prasad

  48. Rajneesh Lata Charan

  49. Leba Seni Nabou

  50. Siddiq Faizal Koya

  51. Kamal Iyer

Professor Biman Prasad

Party Leader


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