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Assistant Minister used as a political pawn by the AG

March 27, 2022

Assistant Minister used as a political pawn by the AG

The National Federation Party says it feels deep sadness for Assistant i-Taukei Affairs Minister Selai Adimaitoga, for allowing herself to be exploited by the Attorney-General and Economy Minister in launching a tirade of malicious and spiteful comments against the NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad.

NFP General Secretary Seni Nabou says the party pities Hon Adimaitoga, because it is she, and not the AG nor the Fiji First government propaganda team under his control, who inherits the public scorn and character assassination.

Mrs Adimaitoga attacked Professor Prasad in Parliament late on Friday night during the debate on the Revised 2021-22 Budget.

Mrs Nabou says it is despicable that the Assistant Minister allowed herself to become the only female iTaukei government Member of Parliament, to be used to make vitriolic attacks by the AG.

“This manner of political depravity by the AG and his propaganda team is an act of absolute cowardice, where they hide behind Mrs Adimaitoga and parliamentary privilege, to make juvenile remarks against those who were not in the House to defend themselves”.

“This is not the first time Mrs Adimaitoga has been exploited by the AG and government’s taxpayers funded propaganda team to make despicable comments against the NFP Leader”.

“In the past few parliamentary sittings, she was manipulated to make senseless attacks against two of our Party’s Members of Parliament, as well as two media organisations namely The Fiji Times and Communications Fiji Limited that operates the most popular mainstream media online site”.

“It is unfortunate that she runs the grave risk of being sacrificed at the political altar due to the AG’s deceit, connivance and deviousness."

“We know Mrs Adimaitoga to be a kind, compassionate, humourous and hardworking person. Tragically, her political capital is being written off by her own party and its leadership”.

"While NFP wants to see more women excel in national leadership, Mrs Adimaitoga’s party intentionally makes her a political pawn by throwing her under the bus and making her read propaganda scripts riddled with lies and malice against NFP, while she gets zero PR or social media support from her party to shelter her against the reactionary widespread ridicule and contempt."

“We plead with Mrs Adimaitoga with all sincerity to become more astute and wisen up to how she is being exploited by her own party with these stunts, that could make her a political liability hindering her return to Parliament after the elections”.

"She, of course, is welcome to join NFP where our women are respected and treated with dignity and decency."

Seni Nabou

General Secretary

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