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By delaying announcement of election date Fiji First is holding the nation to Ransom

Fear of losing is why Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is holding the nation to ransom by deliberately delaying the announcement of the date for the general elections, said National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad. Professor Prasad said by deliberately withholding the election date, he is denying the voters their fundamental right in choosing their Leaders as well as delaying the inevitable end of the 16 years of “My Way or the Highway” Bainimarama and Fiji First governments. The NFP Leader said the PM is causing uncertainty and confusion by being ridiculously secretive about the election date because it is now clear that the polls will be held in what traditionally is the festive and holiday season. “Individuals and families are grossly inconvenienced in their inability to plan for Diwali, or Christmas or other family celebrations which may require domestic and/or international travel”. “Civil society organisations like NGO's, religious bodies and union's will be hampered in their planning capabilities to serve their stakeholders especially in this climate of inflation and economic decline.” “The business community is gripped by uncertainty when needing to plan their strategies for investment for the following year”. “The diplomatic community who may be involved with the Multi-Observer Group for elections will also be struggling to plan for their observer members to be in Fiji in good time and amply supported”. “The nation is in a state of paralysis but the PM and his right-hand man, the Attorney-General are fidgeting solely for the fear of losing power at the hands of the voters”. “The health and medical public service delivery and care is in a state of absolute decay with reports now emerging of even the specialist Children’s wing at CWM in a state of deterioration with children and their parents looking after the patients forced to erect makeshift planks to stand on and have their shower because of blocked outlets”. “Lies and shameless excuses have been made by government since March about the start of 24/7 heart surgery and cardiac care at Lautoka Hospital managed by Aspen following a deal shrouded in controversy”. “Cane growers do not know if they will receive the full $85 per tonne of cane in guaranteed price or will they be short-changed for the third year in a row”. “Almost every social and economic sector is in a state of decay”. “Yet we have the head of a clueless government that has drowned the nation in unprecedented levels of debt, not acting transparently by refusing to inform the nation about the election date”. “But the PM should know no matter what they do, his government’s fate is sealed”.

Professor Biman Prasad Leader


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