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Disgusting: NFP

The National Federation Party is disgusted that the Attorney General and Minister for Economy did not immediately decide to defer his budget consultation that was clashing with the graduation ceremony, when of University of Fiji law students after they raised their grievance with the Minister.

NFP President Pio Tikoduadua said the graduation of law students of the University of Fiji law scheduled for April 6 at the University’s Saweni Campus in Lautoka is paramount and far too important than the Budget consultations held by the Minister for Economy.

“It is most unfair to postpone the graduation to a later date just to accommodate an “electioneering” event like the budget consultations.

“The Management of the University and the Minister for Economy who also happens to be the acting Minister for Education should know better.

“They must also understand that graduating students would be far advanced in their preparations for the event, including their families and friends who would have prioritised the graduation over any other commitment that they may have had on that day”.

“A graduation is a highlight in the career of a student as well as of a University or any other education institution. It is a celebration of their achievements”.

“Therefore, common sense would dictate that all other events are subservient to graduation on that day, more so a propaganda event irrespective of who is hosting it”.

“We urge Minister to defer his consultation that clashes with graduation events and also the University to stick to its original decision of hosting the event on 6th April”.

“Anything else would be detrimental to the students who are depending on graduating in order to start their next journey, that of being admitted to the Bar and gainful employment”.


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