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Dishonesty: Reginald Jokhan advised client on how to beat the rent freeze

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The National Federation Party says Fiji First candidate Reginald Jokhan urged dishonesty and exploitation of ordinary people by advising one of his clients seeking residential tenancy on how to beat the rent freeze so as to avoid any issues with Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (formerly Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority).

NFP candidate Kamal Iyer says a copy of an email sent to the Party clearly shows Mr Jokhan telling the client  “with the rental freeze in place it would be advisable seek as high rent as possible so that in future there won’t be any issues with FRCA or other bodies”.

“If this is not irrefutable evidence of dishonest practice, what is?” Mr Iyer asked

“Here is a candidate of the ruling Fiji First Party, who undoubtedly would have applied for Fiji First candidacy when he sent this email at 11.52am on 17th August 2018,  accusing the NFP Leader of dishonesty and breaching a verbal agreement by allegedly short-changing him on the payment of commission, 15 years after being paid the agreed sum.“

“While his claim, coming 15 years later, is frivolous and defamatory, his email to a client in August  this year is encouraging fraudulent practice and forcing would be tenants to pay exorbitant rent”.

“Mr Jokhan is encouraging unscrupulous practice. This is at the height of dishonesty by advising  someone on how to beat the rent freeze. He has no political morality, character and credibility”.

“This is the kind of candidates that Fiji First’s two-men rule has selected – exploiting unsuspecting ordinary citizens, verbally defecating racial filth and trying to throw mud at the NFP”.

Kama Iyer

NFP Candidate

Also attached : Email by Reginald Jokhan: Client’s name has been blacked out


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