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Establish Commission, Consultation A Gimmick

January 4, 2016



The so-called public consultation being carried out by the Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy is a waste of time and taxpayers’ funds.

Instead Dr Reddy should make good his promise of October 2014 and bring to Parliament in February a Motion to set up an Education Commission to conduct an independent and comprehensive inquiry into our education system.

Dr Reddy is rightly likened by many as “Captain Chaos” or “Mr Inconsistent” given his various about-turns on many issues regarding education, thus seriously affecting the competency and career paths of our students.

Two months ago he told the nation through the media there would be no consultation on the many reforms that he had undertaken. Now he has changed his tune. In his maiden speech in Parliament in October 2014 he said there would be an Education Commission established to look into our education system. Dr Reddy then ditched this logical process in favour of his illogical and controversial reforms implemented in a haphazard manner.

2015 has been a year of chaos and confusion culminating into an error-riddled external examination as far as tabulation and correctness of results are concerned. While the Education Ministry’s website describes the results as provisional, the Minister claims the results based on raw marks are final. Yet the Ministry’s Examination Unit headquarters in Suva lists the results as UNOFFICIAL in the case of Year 10 Students.

All this has not been explained by Dr Reddy. Instead he accused the NFP of being incapable in calculating the results accurately. This is a pathetic response from a Minister vested with responsibility of shaping the educational pathway of our children.

The NFP regards the consultations as a wasteful exercise. Essentially Dr Reddy is trying to sell his reforms and is not at all genuine about seeking the views of the people.

The only way our education system can be truly analysed and genuine reforms undertaken is through an Education Commission, which is long overdue as the last one was conducted over 15 years ago.

Biman Prasad



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