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Government, get organised

Monday 24th May 2021

On Wednesday 19 May the Speaker of the House said that Parliament was adjourned indefinitely because of the COVID crisis. Five days later, the Government is suddenly rushing to convene a meeting of Parliament to start tomorrow.

As usual, everything is totally disorganized. There is no clear agenda to discuss the present crisis. The Government is talking about a guarantee of a loan. They are talking about debating some old statutory body reports and passing new laws about political parties.

We are in the middle of a COVID crisis that is worse than last year. But the Government cannot even organise its Parliamentary business. And why does it want to talk about new laws for political parties?

The Government does not want to talk about how to help people without food and necessities. It does not want to talk about the problems of small business or unemployment. It does not want to share its plans for further lockdowns or containment. It does not want to tell us about Government finances.

How can a government be so hopeless, so disorganized and so lacking in any plans to share with the people?

Perhaps the only good news for is that the people will actually see their Prime Minister and his fellow Ministers – their “Missing In Action Government”. And tomorrow they may prove in Parliament that they can talk – but as usual we will see no action.

Authorised by:

Seni Nabou

NFP General Secretary


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