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Government Handling of Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Appalling: NFP

The National Federation Party President, Pio Tikoduadua, has today raised the party’s deep concerns about the Government’s lax attitude on the handling of the meningococcal disease outbreak.

Mr Tikoduadua has questioned why the Health Ministry and Health Minister were sleeping on the job when a sharp increase in cases of meningococcal disease was detected in 2016.

“That was the time for the Ministry to effectively respond to the outbreak, not two years later”.

“The Health Minister really should hang her head in shame at the recurring debacles in our national healthcare system because ultimately the buck stops with her. That is why taxpayers fork out $200,000 for her salary!”

“I am furthermore personally outraged because my daughter who is a student of St Johns got diagnosed with an unknown illness last year, while a her close friend from Papua New Guinea actually died from this same mysterious illness. I am a little disturbed that this is probably the meningococcal disease, and parents were not given any comfort or news.”

To prevent national panic the Ministry should put out a comprehensive plan on how they intend to quarantine and/or roll-out a vaccine programme and the vaccine programme must be paid for by the government, not ask them to buy preventive vaccine from private pharmacies”.

Lt. Pio Tikoduadua

President- National Federation Party


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