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Government has gone berserk

The National Federation Party says the Attorney General’s wild and unsubstantiated allegations against the NFP is yet another clear signal of this Government going berserk in a bid to remain in power. While opening a funeral rites facility or ghaat on Saturday the AG said there was a possibility of the NFP entering into a coalition with SODELPA. NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad said the AG should be “ashamed of uttering lies and making misleading statements”, especially when he is the chief legal officer of the State. “We have repeatedly stated publicly that we were not in a coalition with any other party in 2014. And we are not in a coalition with any other party and are fighting the 2018 general elections on our own”. “This is not the first time the AG has made such a statement. We have evidence of him saying the same thing in Vunivutu, Vanua Levu, in March, where he said NFP on its own will never will majority seats and were hoping to form a coalition with SODELPA. He urged the voters of Vunivutu to prevent this from happening”. “The AG and his minions should stop this fear mongering and intimidation by spreading lies about NFP’s policies”. “Instead of uttering a litany of lies, he should start advocating policies benefitting all the people of Fiji as well as god governance, transparency and accountability”. Professor Biman Prasad NFP Leader

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