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Holi – Triumph of truth over evil

Tuesday 10th March 2020

The National Federation Party says all mythological, cultural, social and biological significances of the Hindu religious festival of Holi portray the core principle of triumph of truth over evil.

As Hindus throughout the country celebrate their religious festival of Holi marked with victorious singing and showering a vibrancy of colours upon each other, NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad says like Diwali, Holi too teaches us an important message.

Professor Prasad says the significance of Holi is of greater importance to all the people of Fiji this year as we prepare to fortify ourselves against social and economic deprivation and coronavirus or COVID-19, that can seriously impact our livelihood.

He says the triumph of truth over evil, victory of truth and righteousness over injustice, and the upholding at all times of equality, dignity and social justice for all our people are the core principles of Holi.

“Holi signifies the vanquishing of demons as symbolised by the burning of Holika despite her boon not to be destroyed in a fire but she was burnt to death while the young child she tried to burn alive emerged unscathed because he had refused to succumb to tyranny”.

“There are many other significances but all are entwined around the fundamental principle of the vanquishing of tyrants, despots, oppressors and dictators”.

Professor Prasad said just like other religious festivals of the Indo-Fijian community, Holi has been celebrated for 140 years since the arrival of Girmitiya in May 1879.

“The language, tradition, customs and culture practiced and preached by our forefathers is intact and has been passed from one generation to another. It is the basis of civilization and helped the Indo-Fijian community make Fiji their home”.

“Festivals like Holi promote these virtues and are an indelible part in the social and economic advancement of all our people as Fiji evolved into a genuinely multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation”.

“The vibrancy of colours used during Holi celebrations is a true portrait of our nation”.

“We wish everyone a joyous Holi and a peaceful and prosperous year ahead”.


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