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Hon Parmod Chand contributes to the debate on the 2016 Annual Report on the Fiji Electricity Authori

Hon Chand also highlighted that late Annual Reports like the Fiji Broadcasting Commission Annual Reports for the years 2010 – 2015, only tabled yesterday, were a problem needing addressing if heads of organisations cannot follow the laws that bind them in terms of being accountable.

Parmod also cited committments made by the Government in Bonn last week in its ‘Talanoa Dialogue’ submission where in terms of Fiji’s renewable energy targets — an agreement was about to be finalised by FEA/EFL and a private company on a new 5 mega watt Solar Farm. The report in Bonn heralded that the solar farm would be the largest such venture in the South Pacific.

Hon Chand also said the Bonn commitment would see a ‘Solar Island Concept’ to electrify the islands of Taveuni and Ovalau.

He also expressed disappointment that the Bonn report was not tabled in the House this week but may be later, much like an after thought — like many of the late Annual Reports.


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