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Insecure oppositions new strategies of attack

NFP General Secretary writes a letter of complaint to the Fiji electoral commission, due to yet another breach of a decree by Fiji First. But on a positive note, this just proves that NFP is not forgotten on the opposition’s mind, as it’s clear these cheap shots confirm that NFP is still very much strong competition to keep an eye out for.

The letter is as follows;

We wish to file in very strong terms a formal complaint against the Fiji First Party on their defamatory campaign advertisement, being aired on TV from yesterday on the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, depicting the National Federation Party as Liars “FF” (Fiji First) Liar Ad Campaign).

In a nutshell, the campaign advertisement it is titled “SODELPA, N.F.P and others. Don’t vote for Liars”, under:-

It makes false allegations with the voice over about the NFP, inter alia, telling lies in their campaign and when it will get into parliament, asking voters “Don’t vote for Liars” against the words NFP (and SODELPA).

There is no factual (and therefore legal basis) given for the Fiji First Liar Ad Campaign and we ask the Commission to urgently request the General Secretary of the Fiji First Party to withdraw this very serious allegation being made against our party.

This complaint is made pursuant to section 3 of the Electoral Decree 2014 and section 75 of the Constitution that confers on the Electoral Commission (“the Commission”) responsibility for the Conduct of free and fair elections. We look forward to hearing from you on the decision taken at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely

Kamal Iyer General Secretary


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