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Is Sanjay Kaba involved in interviewing Fiji First applicants for elections?

The National Federation Party is asking a member of the independent Constitution Offices Commission to clarify whether or not he is involved in the interview of applicants for candidacy of Fiji First Party in the general elections. NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad says they have reliable information that the COC member in question, Sanjay Kaba, together with Fiji First general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, is interviewing applicants seeking candidacy of the Party in the elections. “The onus therefore is on Mr Kaba to come out honestly and inform the people of Fiji if he either is or isn’t doing this. We emphasise honesty on his part because anything else would lead us to publicly reveal more information on what the applicants for Fiji First candidacy are allegedly told by Mr Kaba”. “And if he wants to play a political role, then he should resign as a Member of the COC because failure to do so after his honest answer will give credibility to the perception that the COC is not independent but politicised”. “We also ask Mr Kaba to come out honestly and inform the people of Fiji whether or not he is also one of the prominent fundraisers of Fiji First”. “His close proximity to Fiji First is well known. This also brings into question his appointment to several Boards of statutory organisations including the Fiji National Provident Fund”. “It is for both Mr Kaba and the Fiji First General Secretary to come out publicly and provide honest answers”. Professor Biman


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