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Let the spirit of truth, justice, and righteousness prevail

October 18, 2017


The National Federation Party earnestly hopes that truth, justice and righteousness will prevail in our nation in the spirit of Diwali.

“The diya (traditional lamp) symbolises the illumination of the lives of all our people to dissipate the darkness and clouds of uncertainty hanging over a vast majority our people”, says Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad.

The NFP Leader says while Diwali is perhaps the most important event in the Hindu religious calendar, it is also of significance to all people in Fiji’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation because it renews and builds bridges of unity, harmony and solidarity.

“Diwali is about sharing and caring each other. It is about remembering the sick and the infirm, unemployed, under-privileged and the less fortunate. And together with every citizen of our nation, it is about illuminating the nation and the night skies to defeat darkness and celebrate triumph of good over evil”, he said.

Professor Prasad also says as a first step to illuminate the lives of some of our people in the spirit of truth, righteousness and justice, the Government should direct the Fiji Sugar Corporation to reverse all deductions made from the $.9.15 per tonne top-up to the 4th cane payment made to cane growers, that has left them with a pittance.

Cane growers are also multi-racial in demographics contrary to common belief, and every one of them will have also anticipated a good Diwali.

“Furthermore, in the spirit of Diwali, lending institutions like the Sugar Cane Growers Fund and the Fiji Development Bank should refund growers the loan amounts that were deducted by FSC. These deductions have left more than 70% or over 9,000 growers with zero balances or payments of less than $1”.

“The deductions from the top-up defeat the purpose of the payment which was made to rehabilitate the lives of growers still suffering from the effects of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston especially in Ba, Tavua and Ra districts”.

“The lives of majority of our growers and their families are enveloped in darkness. The arbitrary deductions by FSC contravene the spirit of Diwali.”

“We pray that the spirit of Diwali, its religious importance and multicultural significance prevails all over our nation and sincerely wish all our people a happy and blessed Diwali”.

Authorised by: –

Professor Biman Prasad

NFP Leader

NFP Leader Diwali Message Oct 2017

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