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LTA acting against public interest

Monday 11th May 2020

The Land Transport Authority is acting against public interest by compelling drivers to provide new personal registration details including providing or creating an email account.

LTA’s threat to freeze the accounts of drivers who fail to register is intolerable. How does LTA expect drivers who are not computer literate and do not have access to internet to register?

Does the LTA expect them to go to an internet shop, spend money and seek help of others to register? This is absolute nonsense.

The problem is that the Minister responsible for LTA makes regulations as they please under the LTA Act, without considering its impact on drivers and motorists.

While LTA may say it is enforcing Section 5(2)(c) of the Land Transport (Traffic Infringement Notice) Regulations of March 2017, LTA must consider the practicality of such laws, especially at a time when everyone is struggling to earn a decent livelihood and support their families.

The last thing drivers want is to stand in long queues to register at LTA when it already has their details.

Furthermore, LTA’s decision to close many branches is greatly inconveniencing drivers and motorists. Again LTA is acting against public interest.

LTA’s expatriate CEO, who is earning a fat salary, is seemingly oblivious to the acute difficulties he is creating for drivers and motorists with both his decisions.

We urge the Minister for Transport to immediately reverse these decisions in the public interest.



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