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Minister’s comments are a veiled threat

March 9, 2022

“Despicable, totally unethical conduct, abuse of taxpayers funds and an example of gutter-level politics practiced by FijiFirst in its extremely desperate attempt to remain in power”.

This is how the National Federation Party has described Employment, Youth and Sports Minister Parveen Kumar Bala’s remarks made to Korovou villagers in Tavua last week about making the right decision while handing over a boat and an outboard engine.

The NFP has strongly condemned Bala’s veiled threat of the Opposition taking away current initiatives if they come into power after the elections.

The Party said it is similar to the Attorney-General’s statement in October 2018 of people putting a dagger to their necks if they didn’t vote for Voreqe Bainimarama.

Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad said it is abundantly clear that Bala is campaigning while on an official government trip and this was a blatant abuse of taxpayers' funds.

“He talks about maintaining tuition-free education, guaranteed price of sugarcane, etc, and berates the Opposition for saying nothing has been done”.

“Nobody in his or her right frame of mind would use government assistance to threaten people about the Opposition. It’s shameful”.

“And we are sure that Bala is repeating his comments at every forum including temples and other public gatherings. This is the kind of thuggery people should expect”.

“This is a minister extremely fond of unnecessarily camouflaging himself in a dark tinted Prado, only to step out of it and try to hide the colossal failures of his leaders by making veiled threats”.

“The nation needs no reminding of the exorbitant variation from an initial $2 million to $12.6 million of the Lautoka swimming pool project under Bala’s reign as Local Government Minister because of total absence of planning. This sorry saga is now the subject of a legal challenge”.

“Nor will we ever forget his broken promise of prioritising local government or municipal elections, which he announced immediately after being sworn in as Local Government Minister in September 2014”.

“These two examples show Bala’s acquiescence and total surrender to illegality and confirms beyond any doubt his role as a puppet of his leaders”.

“This time voters will not be fooled. Nor will they accept the veiled threats made by someone astute at bootlicking skills who will soon face the boot of the people the polls”.



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