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NFP Calls for nation to keep Fiji’s 43 Peacekeepers in their prayers

NFP President Roko Tupou Draunidalo has called on the nation to remember and pray for its 43 peacekeepers who are in Golan Heights and currently being held captive by rebels, as news of their capture broke this morning in Fiji.

“In moments of anxiety like this when sons and daughters of Fiji are on the frontlines of peacekeeping, their safety and wellbeing becomes the main priority and we urge the nation to keep them in their prayers” said Draunidalo.

Draunidalo also urged that negotiation efforts by both the RFMF and the international community be further intensified so that their safe release be realised sooner.

“Let us also keep the families of our our peacekeepers in our thoughts and prayers and reach out to them in whatever way possible to demonstrate that their honourable duty of peacekeeping is, while thankless, a noble one that Fiji has never shirked from” added Draunidalo.


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