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NFP Leader describes Lautoka desecration as inexcusable, intolerable and unforgivable

September 29, 2021

NFP calls on police to take immediate action to maintain rule pf law, peace and order

The National Federation Party says police must immediately investigate and take action following the desecration of idols of Hindu Gods by a pastor allegedly o the instructions of family members of a Lautoka household as an act of sacrilege has been perpetrated and committed against followers of Hindu religion.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad said video footage that has gone viral on social media and which has received coverage on sections of mainstream media are extremely disturbing and must be condemned in the strongest manner.

The NFP Leader said police should not wait for anyone to file a complaint but act in public interest as the incident is provocative and a direct assault on a religion.

“Enforcement of the rule of law, maintenance of peace and order do not require complaints or reports to be lodged at a police station”.

“In late July, many of us were taken for questioning by police during curfew hours, following our public comments against Bill No. 17 to amend i-Taukei Land Trust Board Act without any consultation by Government with landowners”.

“To date we have not been told of who filed a police complaint against us. Rules and laws must be applied fairly and equally”.

“The desecration of idols of Hindu Gods is clearly sacrilege and a serious crime. Video footage and the fact that the pastor alleged to have committed the crime has confirmed his role while interviewed by the news team of Communications Fiji Ltd, is conclusive evidence for police to act immediately to calm down and prevent any form of retaliation by those aggrieved by this crime”.

“Furthermore, the pastor’s comments on CFL news that he didn’t know he was being filmed only confirms his willingness to carry out what he claims were instructions from the family members of the home where the idols were”.

“This is inexcusable, intolerable and unforgivable. The last thing that we need is for our economically depressed nation to be ruined by social and moral decay brought about by racial and religious intolerance”.

Professor Biman Prasad



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