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NFP Leader says Not a genuine democracy

The National Federation Party says questions about impartiality of independent institutions established under the 2013 Constitution are justified and proves we are not a genuine democracy.

Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad says initial findings of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner questioning the impartiality of independent institutions and the need to have a truly free and credible general elections vindicates the belief of Opposition Parties.

The UN Human Rights Commissioner Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussein questioned whether independent institutions like Constitution Offices Commission, Fijian Elections Office and the Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Commission are truly autonomous based on a basic structural flaw.

Professor Prasad said that flaw is simply and undeniably the politisation of the independent institutions.

“The Constitution Offices Commission has two Government members who have close links to the Fiji First Party. We know one of them is an active fundraiser for Fiji First. They are also on other Boards either as members or Chairman”.

“And we have evidence of their close political ties to Fiji First”.

Professor Prasad also condemned the investigation of journalists from Islands Business saying it was a joke that they are alleged to have breached Public Order Act for simply reporting something that may or may not be wrong.

Three journalists from Islands Business were questioned for the second time by officers from CID yesterday.

“There are procedures to deal with such matters. And this is definitely not hauling them in or asking them to come to CID to be questioned”.

“This was also raised by the UN Human Rights Commissioner”.


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