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NFP: PM is behaving like a Ghetto Thug. Cowardly and gutter-level

The repulsive diatribe by the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama against the wife of National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad confirms beyond doubt that the Fiji First Party Leader, driven by fear of losing power, has stooped to thuggery, gutter-level and cowardly behaviour.

National Federation Party General Secretary Leba Seni Nabou has described Bainimarama’s attack on Dr Rajni Chand as a grotesque display of intellectual dishonesty by a leader who has resorted to despicable, totally wild, unsubstantiated and baseless claims.

Nabou says Bainimarama’s comments at a recent Fiji First campaign meeting, where he accused Professor Prasad of being part of a process to appoint Dr Chand to her current post at the University of the South Pacific shows the PM is clutching at straws.

“The ghetto thug and cowardly comments by FFP Party Leader has confirmed himself as the outgoing Prime Minister after shamelessly attacking Dr Chand, a woman of academic repute”.

“How dare he delve into personal attacks by claiming Dr Rajni Chand, the NFP Leader's wife, does not deserve the post at USP that she currently holds? He is a disgrace to genuine empowerment of women in Fiji”.

“Who is he? Who is he to USP and what could he ever pretend to know about its recruitment process? He must stop his intellectually deficient behaviour and should know that he will never measure up to even to an iota of Dr Rajni and her academic excellence”.

“I can personally vouch for Dr Rajni Chand and her meritorious command of distance education needs in the USP region, because I worked with her there in the early 1990's”.

“The Fiji First leader has shown that the only thing he is consistent in is being consistently stupid by thinking fear-mongering and hurling malicious claims will win them votes.”

“Our electorate will not be fooled, nor scared easily this time.On the contrary, they are angered every passing week with the foolishness they see flowing from FFP”.

“Bainimarama is delusional and hallucinating if he continues to pin all his political fortunes on stoking fear and racism by attacking a hardworking and gracious Indo-Fijian woman, professional, mother and wife,who can hold her own”.

“We caution Bainimarama – those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Because anyone who dares to will face the wrath of NFP’s political buturaki”.

“Despite all their political gimmicks and stunts, Bainimarama and his party must know the writing is on the wall and their usefulness to the people of Fiji is now obsolete and will be thrown into the rotting pile of political garbage by the voters in 17 days”.

Leba Seni Nabou

General Secretary


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