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NFP President – campaign on facts, not fear!

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

On Monday the Prime Minister told a news media organisation after issuance of Writs for elections that people should vote for “the right party” to avoid “going back to 2000”.

He knows, and everybody knows, what he is saying. The PM is campaigning on fear.

The PM is saying that there will only be political stability if people vote for his party.

One day before this statement, the PM said that his party would campaign on “facts, not lies”.

And just three days before, at the United Nations, the PM said that democracy had “taken root” in Fiji. This is the man who says he has ended the “coup culture”, who has brought “true democracy” to the country.

When I joined the PM’s party in 2014, that is what I thought we were doing. And two years later, when I realised the Fiji First Government was doing no such thing, that is when I left.

This is the man who talks about the “spirit of talanoa” when he is overseas, and then practises the politics of fear when he comes home.

This is the man whose party puts up billboards saying “reject politicians who want to divide us”.

The general election campaign is just beginning.  We have told the people what we will do – $5 an hour, $100 a tonne, 15 VAT-free items, housing, education, health.

And all he is telling us is “Vote for the right party.”

So this is my challenge to the PM: Do what you said you would do. Campaign on facts, not fear!

Pio Tikoduadua



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