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NFP President describes PM’s unity call as Hollow Rhetoric

March 7, 2022

NFP President describes PM’s unity call as

Hollow Rhetoric

The Prime Minister’s call for the Opposition and critics of government to leave politics aside and work together is as hollow as all the false promises of a government that has relentlessly rejected calls for bipartisanship for more than 8 years.

The Prime Minister should show leadership and back his words with actions. If not, this is nothing but opportunistic grandstanding. He heads a government that has, on many occasions, refused to work with the opposition on issues of national importance.

The latest example of which was the refusal to create a bi-partisan committee (of both government and opposition members) to inquire into Fiji’s Health care system. Even the Attorney General openly said in Parliament that they will never work with the opposition.

The government’s idea of “working together” is for everyone to quietly accept everything they say and do. This government doesn’t want criticism or alternative ideas because it believes in “My Way or the Highway” rule.

So what the Prime Minister has said is nothing new. He has called for unity before, as early as September 2015. Instead, his actions and that of his government have fragmented the nation.

Fiji right now needs sound and sensible leadership. We need leaders who can genuinely work together to collectively overcome the challenges facing our nation.

This is the NFP’s objective. We will harness the best talents of our people – whether in government, civil service, civil society, NGO’s, business and corporate sector and the ordinary working class together with political parties with shared vision and common goals to achieve lasting social and economic advancement.

Only then will Fiji once again become a beacon of hope and land of opportunity

Pio Tikoduadua



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