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The National Federation Party says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is bringing shame and disrepute to the Office of the Prime Minister by disgustedly trying to blackmail the people of Fiji into re-electing him in office.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad said the PM’s comments in Kalabu and in Ra early this week has reduced to ashes the already fast dignity, decorum and statesmanship associated with the Office of the PM.

“The PM thinks  he has a monopoly on governance and that it is his sole right to rule Fiji. How desperate and low can he go by lying that  the benefits that people receive will be  taken away by any other government?”

“His comments that  some Opposition politicians have no experience in governance and that they are making false promises is hypocritical”.

“Once again his government has been made to look silly by  his  taxpayers’ funded Qorvis spin doctors when he accuses others of  false promises”.

“We only need to remind him of one broken promise – re-imposition of VAT of 9% on seven basic food items from January 2016 in a betrayal of their 2014 election manifesto promise of  continuing to zero-rate these essential food items”.

“This betrayal  is a fraud on the  daily lives of our poor and ordinary citizens. This betrayal of promise has put  over $108 million dollars more in Government coffers”.

“If this single betrayal of promise is an yardstick of  the current Government’s performance in the last 12 years, then pie-in-the sky promises made in the 2018-19 Budget and  in the Fiji First manifesto  are and will be purely aimed at trying to fool the voters”.

“The fact that  Mr Bainimarama and his government are consistently trying to ridicule us shows how panic-stricken  the PM is and is prepared to go to gutter-level to try and cling onto power.

“Unfortunately for him, this will come to an end soon when the voters of Fiji wisely decide to farewell 12 years of his monopolistic rule”.



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