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NFP tells Government: "Go and see it for yourselves"

It is incredible to me that Energy Fiji Limited is interested only in attacking the news media and not focusing on the damage it has already done to the Nadrau Plateau.

Nowhere in EFL’s press conference is EFL saying it will fix the damage. In fact the chairman admits that he has not even been there to see it the damage.  All he is saying is “we were within the law” and “it was six metres, not eight metres”. It doesn’t matter what the law is. It doesn’t matter how many metres it is. There is only one important question here. What are you going to about the damage?

Now we have EFL saying “we raised the weir six metres” when its website says eight metres. And then it quietly goes and changes its website to fit its new version of the facts.

How is it that the Prime Minister also got the height wrong in his speech opening the project? The Prime Minister now needs to speak up about this disaster. He is the one who launched it.

When he launched it he described it as “a wonderful day for Fiji”. He said that this would save Fiji $2.5 million in diesel fuel costs a year.

He is the Prime Minister who also said, in 2015, that Fiji only undertakes projects that do not damage the environment.

Now that EFL has done serious environmental damage to save $2.5 million a year, what does he have to say?

We hear a lot about transparency and accountability in government. To EFL, to the Minister for Environment, to the Prime Minister, we say, take a drive to Monasavu in your air-conditioned cars and see the problem for yourselves. Then come back to Suva and tell us that you created this problem and that you will now work to solve it.

We expect our Government to admit its mistakes when it makes them.  Then we expect it to fix them. That is what a transparent and accountable government would do.

Authorised by:

Seini Nabou

National Vice President


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