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No restriction in accessing FNPF assistance by members affected by Severe TC Yasa

Wednesday 30th December 2020

The National Federation Party said the Fiji National Provident Fund must ensure there are no restrictions imposed on FNPF members accessing their funds for assistance to rebuild their lives after being hit by Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

NFP Vice-President Parmod Chand said if the members have eligibility or funds in their general account, FNPF shouldn’t impose any conditions on what they want the funds for provided it is any kind of damage that has either damaged or destroyed their place of residence or destroyed their livelihood.

Mr Chand said many FNPF members have informed him that they do not qualify for assistance to repair or start rebuilding the residences they live in because it is not owned by them despite the owner being their parent(s) or immediate family through marriage.

“This is totally wrong. For example, a couple came to see me today requesting me to voice their concern after they were refused assistance because the owner was the man’s father, despite both he and his wife living in the same home since getting married”.

“Obviously, the owner, being an elderly man, has never been a member of FNPF. The couple want to start repairing the house instead of waiting for government assistance because they live there”.

“They are not tenants”.

Mr Chand noted that when FNPF announced assistance for severe TC Yasa for members in the affected areas on 22nd December, it said: -

“Members in rural communities need to provide a valid photo ID, their bank account details, in addition to the approval of the village headman and advisory councillors. Those living in urban areas will need to provide a utility bill as proof of residence, in addition to their ID and bank account details”.

“So where has this new requirement of a house title come from? The last thing anyone wants is to make anyone affected by Severe TC Yasa given the run-around that is prolonging their misery”.

“As long as FNPF verifies that a member is affected, has eligibility and has provided necessary identification and proof of his or her residence, they must be assisted”.

Authorised by:

Parmod Chand

NFP Vice-President


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