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No talk yet

THERE has been no talk of a coalition between the National Federation Party and any political party, says party leader Professor Biman Prasad as he refuted claims that they had been in talks with the FijiFirst party for a possible post-election merger.

“We have repeatedly stated since December 7, 2013 that we are fighting the elections on our own and intend to solely form a majority government,” Prof Prasad said.

“Misleading the voters in an attempt to win votes is a hallmark of politicians and political parties clutching at straws. If anything, SODELPA and the FLP have both confirmed that they will form a coalition after the elections.”

Prof Prasad said if after election there was a situation where a majority hadn’t been formed, then NFP would talk to the party whose ideals and visions matched.

“We will cross the bridge when we come to it,” he said.

FijiFirst party president Dr Jiko Luveni said the party had never held talks with any other party regarding a coalition.

She said if the situation arose post-election, then party leader Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama would make the call if coalition is to be made.

Meanwhile, Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry said no such remarks were made at any of their meetings.

“As far as FLP is concerned, no such remarks or allegations were made. I think these reports are coming from some of their own people,” Chaudhry said.

According to political scientists, the voting system which is being used for the general election favours coalitions unless there is a majority win, which is getting more than 50 per cent of the 591,095 registered votes.

Prof Prasad said there had also been paid advertisements by a political party on FBC TV stating NFP had been lying.

“Last Friday, we wrote to the Electoral Commission and pointed out that this breached the Electoral Decree because the party isn’t saying what NFP is lying about. The truth is we have never lied or misled our people throughout our 51-year history,” he said.

Prof Prasad said there was a need for the Government to go into caretaker mode so there was accountability of State funds.

He said the perception out there is that State money is being used for political campaigning.


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