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Our Teachers deserve respect, recognition and reward

Our teachers deserve respect and recognition and should be rewarded for performing their role admirably under difficult circumstances instead of being unfairly treated by the current Government.

The role and responsibilities of teachers in a classroom, in the community and in the larger society are often forgotten.

Teachers are performing an admirable role under pressure and in a climate of uncertainty because this Government has made their employment conditional.

The contractual employment being forced upon our teachers as well as other civil servants is totally unjustified. The uncertainty amongst teachers about their future is further exacerbated by the fact that the recent salary adjustments are not commensurate with roles, responsibilities and their work experience.

The NFP in government will ensure that this uncertainty and regressive work environment created by unilateral changes to the education system becomes a thing of the past. We will revoke all contracts and ensure all our teachers as well as other civil servants have a permanent tenure of employment.

We will also increase the retirement age to 60 years as there is an absolute lack of experience in our teaching fraternity and the civil service at large.

Experience in teaching is vital and conducive to progressive learning and strengthening the profession.

Furthermore, we will review the working conditions of all teachers to ensure that their salaries are commensurate with work experience, roles and responsibilities.

We will restore our teachers’ professional, social and economic status. We will do this through proper consultations with teacher unions, school managements and all other stakeholders.

On the occasion of World Teachers Day, the NFP salutes the tremendous work teachers have done over the many decades to help shape the lives of our students.

Teachers are a beacon of hope and symbols of knowledge and strength in our society.

Authorised by:

Professor Biman Prasad

NFP Leader


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