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Out with fear and division

Time for a new start

We welcome the announcement of the general elections. It has taken long enough. Bring it on.

The next six weeks will be one of the most critical periods in Fiji’s history.

People must now think clearly and carefully because the decisions they take and choices they make will determine what kind of Fiji we will bequeath our future generations.

Another four years of Fiji First government will destroy our democracy and reduce us to a two-man dictatorship.

This dictatorship will close down all dissenting voices, news media, NGOs and opposition political parties. It will build useless monuments like $1.5 billion roads, burdening us with more debt.

And, just as it has for more than 8 years, the Fiji First government will ignore the people – their struggles with the cost of living, their health systems and their education and their housing.

Because the Fiji First government now rules only for itself and its rich friends.

Only a new start, with a new People’s Alliance-NFP government, can take Fiji away from the politics of fear and division.

We the people of Fiji now have the chance to vote in a new government that brings our country together and leads with vision, humility and compassion.

We ask the people of Fiji, if you love your country and care for your community, make your plans now for 14 December. Know your polling venue and have your voter ID Card ready.

You have the power to change the course of Fiji’s history.

Professor Biman Prasad Leader


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